Bucket List

I made one random bucket list once, written on my old and worn out organizer. But since I don’t really write on it anymore, thought I’ll put it down in this blog as a reminder. Will update the list along the way, pretty sure that more things will come, especially the traveling part 😁

So, here it goes…

  1. Visit Yonagunijima and then go cycling around the same route that Dr. Goto took during his home-visit as a doctor in the drama, and then take pictures at Japan’s westernmost point, Cape Irizaki The long overdue trip to Yonagunijima had been finally executed! It was cloudy and raining during my total 4D3N trip to those Japan’s westernmost islands. But I had fun! And I’m so happy I finally made it to Dr. Goto’s clinic, riding a motorbike though, not a bicycle 😁

  2. Visit Wakkanai, and then again take pictures at the northernmost point of Japan, Cape Soya! Yuhuuuw, I finally got to step my feet at this northernmost part of Japan during my road trip to Hokkaido last August (updated 2015). There was an unpleasent experience though with the police on the first day of my road trip (apparently Hokkaido is quite strict with the rules on the road), but I guess it’s just another reminder to be more careful next time 🙂 Overall, I had so much fun!

  3. Do a caravan-road-trip all around Japan!

  4. Visit Santorini. Spend one day doing nothing but lazying around reading books and having some cool drinks 😁

  5. Visit Mont Saint Michel. Got obsessed with this “island” because of Japanese television!

  6. Visit the Great Mosque in Cordoba and Alhambra in Granada Made it to the Alhambra during the conference in Granada in September 2013, but couldn’t make the time to escape from the conference to visit Cordoba. So I guess this means I have to visit Andalusia again! This time not for a conference maybe?

  7. Run my own travel agent, or travel consultant, or anything related to traveling service

  8. Have an at-least-one-week trip in Turkey → I finally did a backpack trip to Turkey with two friends last New Year holiday (updated 2015). It was a 6-days trip, but I will just count this wish as checked 😁

  9. Ride on a hot air balloon, preferably in Cappadocia 🙂 It was really hard to accept that I was not lucky enough to ride the hot air balloon in Cappadocia on my last visit to Turkey. It was because of the weather, so I cannot blame anyone for that. I will just mark Cappadocia as “checked” and wish that someday I’ll get to ride the hot air balloon, in Cappadocia or in other place.

  10. Have an appropriate travel blog. Self-hosted maybe?

  11. Learn more about photography, seriously!

  12. Meet Kyoko Hikawa in person and ask for a signature!

  13. Being able to read Japanese comics, in Japanese!  Been rereading Glass of Mask aka ガラスの仮面 recently (per mid of 2018) in Japanese! It needed a lot of struggle at the beginning, as they are written in vertical lines and I’m not used to it at all, but I think i started to enjoy them. There are some Detective Conan mangas as well on my shelf now, and I tried to open them few days ago. But apparently I’m not qualified enough to read those “tiring” letters, yet 😅

  14. Go to watch Celine Dion concert dan ini insyaAllah bakal kesampaian bulan November entaaaar *lebay deh* —–
    My heat was broken into pieces when I read news about Celine Dion’s and her husband’s health issue, and that she decided to cancel her tour of Asia. I was somehow still hoping that she will come to Japan even after the news, but then I received the email below confirming that the concert in Japan is cancelled -_- This ticket was supposed to be my birthday present (for myself) this November. But we can only make plans, things happen. Now I can only wish for a quick recovery for Celine Dion (and her family) so she can come to visit Tokyo for her postponed-concert 😊*dan pastinya semoga saat itu saya masih di Tokyo dan bisa mendapatkan tiket konsernya, aamiiiin…Cancellation Celine Dion

    Three days ago, this dream finally came true!!! *more detailed story here 😊

  15. Visit Morocco *will just post the photo here 😁

  16. Stroll around New York City *ceileee gaya beneeeer*

  17. Attend an international conference, outside Japan Alhamdulillah, I got to visit Spain, Finland and Italy for an annual meeting and an international congress during the three years of my doctoral study 🙂

  18. Visit Bangka Belitung. Iya, saya memang terobsesi sama Laskar Pelangi!

  19. Visit Aceh, for the coffee and all the delicious foods

  20. Go for a few days trip to Taiwan

  21. Have an adventurous Trans-Siberian railway trip

  22. Join a homestay program, preferably in Japan

  23. Do an internship, preferably at IAEA *cem iya aja 😁

  24. Learn swimming  then diving  then visit Raja Ampat or Bunaken, for the diving of course!

  25. Visit either Bali or Lombok, just because 😁

  26. Take one of those “optical illusion” photos at Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

  27. See Aurora, with naked eye, not from those videos in youtube like my husband always says is enough 😒

  28. Visit Ireland and perhaps bump into The Corrs’ members, or Westlife’s 🙂

  29. Have a few days holiday in Maldives

  30. Visit Unkai Terrace in Hokkaido → .. was super lucky that I got to see the sea of cloud at Unkai Terrace during my visit last August (still during the road trip in 2015). The forecast mentioned that the chance of the “unkai” was 50%. Was a bit worried that I might not be able to experience the wonderful view, because I only spare one day for the visit, so it was the only chance. Good thing that the weather turned out to be the perfect condition for the “unkai” to appear! 😍The view from Unkai Terrace

  31. Watch All England in Birmingham → Visited Birmingham for a research visit and presentation, but missed the All England by two weeks. Should come again someday later maybe

  32. Visit Sipiso-piso waterfall in Medan

  33. Master at least 5 foreign languages   *bahasa Inggris sama bahasa jepun udah diitung dua lah ya walopun gak lancar-lancar banget*

  34. Publish my writing, but not the scientific paper *cem ada aaaja scientific papernya*

  35. Go for a trip around Europe using the Eurail pass. As I’m becoming a railway fan recently, passing through mountainous Switzerland while riding on a train would be an unforgettable experience… → I did a half-backpacking for my half-graduation-trip last September (updated 2015). It was not a whole two weeks that I had been picturing of, and I also didn’t buy any Eurail pass. It’s not saving that much money after I arranged my itinerary. But I got to ride the train passing through snowy mountains of Switzerland! Which is already perfect for me! So I guess I’ll check this one as “done” 🙂

  36. Step on the whole 47 prefectures in Japan Current update: still have 4 more prefectures to go!

  37. Own a house with an elevator in it

  38. Learn how to enjoy/love cooking

  39. Go for a Hajj with husband. Smoga bisa kesampaian selama berdomisili di Jepang, amiiin… Bonus jalan-jalan setelahnya mungkin? 

  40. Visit Hawaiiiii

  41. Hiking plus road trip in New Zealand

  42. Do a road trip, or at least go for a driving along those typical American loooong road (to be specific, that route 66) you often see in movies 😀

  43. Do a flying fox, I’m not brave enough to do a skydiving, yet.

17 thoughts on “Bucket List

    1. Guess the list will never end, right? 😀
      Thank yoooou, I’m so happy I will finally get to see Celine Dion in person! *from far away though, I cannot afford the expensive stage seat 😀 She was in Japan in 2008, one year before I came to Japan, so it’s really a dream that (will) come true 😀

  1. 27, 28, 33, 41 –> I also drop the same wishes on my bucket list, unfortunately it has been deleted on my site 😦
    38 –> I have to, because my bf is better than me :p (he also study in Jpn anyway :D)

    1. 27, 28, 33, 41 –> but it’s not deleted from your “real” bucket list, right? 🙂

      Must be nice to have a boyfriend who’s better at cooking.. No plan of visiting him here in Japan?

      1. hehehehe,,sounds good to visit him x) and maybe it will be great if we can ‘double date’ to realize no.41, wkwkwkwk 😀

      2. Would love to do that, but I’m not sure it would be a “double date”, my husband doesn’t like traveling, at all 😀

  2. Ah mbak Adek, toss lagi (berkali-kali) XD! Banyak banget item di bucket list yang sama. hahaha… Btw, udah lama gak baca karya2 Kyoko Hikawa. aww… XD! Jadi kangen baca lagi.

    En klo perlu tips jalan2 di Taiwan, kontak2 aja yaah ;D. Trus yang Maroko, kabar-kabarin :D. Kalau jadi di Turki, aye mau ke sana 😀

    1. Hihi, target jalan2 kita banyak yang sama yak ternyata 😀
      Iya niiih, beneran masih penasaran sama Kyoko Hikawa, kayaknya mesti cari2 info jumpa penggemarnya gitu deeeh 😀

      Waaa, arigatoou ditawarin tips jalan2 di Taiwan, penasaran nih mumpung dari Jepang lumayan deket dan jadi gak ribet urusan visa. Maroko? Siap ntar insyaAllah dikabarin, siapa tau bisa barengan yaaa..

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