Who am I?

… was given the name “Novriana Dewi” by my parents and I never actually asked what the meaning is. My guess is because I am a second child and was born in November though 😁 I spent my childhood in Pekanbaru, Riau, until I graduated senior high school (SMUN PLUS Provinsi Riau), and then went through more or less 4 years in Universitas Pelita Harapan, Lippo Karawaci, finishing bachelor degree in Physics!

I am currently a scholarship-supported master student (just enrolled as Doctor student this October -updated 2012) at The University of Tokyo, Japan a housewife with a PhD degree and still continuing my part time job at NHK Radio Japan, as radio announcer. Not a hardworking type of person but can be so ngotot if I want something. I am so lazy working on my research but spending so much time browsing the internet 😁 Confess that I’m a real procrastinator in almost everything, and might always be one 😅

I love eating, but not really into cooking. I enjoy doing household chores but actually not a very neat person. Above all, I like traveling and taking pictures. Willing to write down notes about places that I’ve visited, as well as the story of my culinary quest, in this blog as a remembrance. Would love to browse and put down some information about other spots as motivation for me to visit those places I’ve been dreaming of (lebay banget ya pake dreaming of 😁)

An Indonesian who actually hasn’t traveled a lot within my own country, yet. I wish I will get the chance to explore more. Sorry that some most of my post will be written in Indonesian. It’s just easier to write it that way 😁 As now I’m staying in Tokyo, most of the places I’ll write down here might be around Japan.  We’ll see in few years if I can make it to Europe or not. Stories about some other countries will follow too.

This blog is named “tabibitodayo” -taken from the Japanese word 旅人(read たびびと/tabibito)- which means “a traveler”, and “dayo” -taken from だよ- which is some kind of auxiliary used in Japanese language at the end of a sentence to emphasize things, like “lho” in bahasa Indonesia (I hope I am not mistaken with the definition 😁)

Around beginning of 2016, I moved the content of my culinary blog previously managed poorly here to this current blog you are reading now. I thought it might be easier to have just one blog for both my traveling and culinary stories. I hope it will help me to post more frequent with more options of topics. That if I’m not too lazy, as always 😅

Anyway, I hope any story or information in this blog will be useful. Enjoy!! ^_^

PS: klo ada yang niat baca blog geje saiya lainnya ada di sini 😁

Foto bareng patung Doraemon di Museum Fujiko F Fujio

29 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. numpang komen yah

    koq sama banget ya ininya >> “Not a hardworking type of person but can be so ngotot if I want something. I am so lazy working on my research but spending soooo much time browsing the internet. I guess I spend most of time facebook-ing, twitter-ing, tumblr-ing and else. Maybe I should take “social network” major”

    Ternyata aku gak sendirian..
    *blogwalking di jam kerja*

  2. Allo mbak Novriana…………. hehehehe… apakabarnya?
    Kenalin saya Addy. Your blog are really inspired me. Lol…
    Saya bakal ke jpg ni. In the end of august. Ada acara sekalian mau jj.
    Really glad if we can meet. Lol. Asal ada waktu.
    btw, I will stay in Shizuoka for bussines activities, and will be free on 3 sept.
    saya tgl di Jogja. Hehehe
    salam kenal. 😀 XD

    1. Halo Addy salam kenal juga. Waduh jadi ge-er dibilang inspiring blognya, hehe.. Smoga bermanfaat ya informasi di blog ini..
      Ada rencana ke Tokyo kah selama tugas di Jepang?

  3. Salam kenal kakak 🙂 baca blogmu seakan membuatku pengen terbang kembali ke Jepang 😀
    Keren euy, bisa sekolah sambil jalan-jalan.. *envy tingkat dewa*

      1. Hahaha, googling dulu deh tahun kuda gigit besi tu kapan (alias stalking fesbuk Ayu dulu :D)
        Btw aku sebenernya blas lupa niih dulu gimana ceritanya bisa nyampe ke blog kamu, kayaknya berantai pas lagi blog walking gitu trus jadi nyangkut deh 😀
        Salam kenal lagi versi serius deh yaa 🙂

    1. Wah, lagi berencana ke Yonaguni-jima kah? Saya belum jadi ni ke Yonaguni-jima, smoga bisa taun ini, sedang dalam perencanaan, dilema ongkosnya, hehe..

      Siap, segera meluncur ke tekape kunjungan balik ke blog-nya 😀

    1. Alhamdulillah ni bisa selesai kuliah dengan cukup lancar (walopun tetep ada lika-liku dan intrik yang melanda juga *jadi curcol :D). Dan sementara ini masih menikmati banget jadi housewife sambil part-time saja, sisanya malas2an di rumah, hihi..

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